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Golem Mage from the Tower faction in Deneb the fanasy tactical miniatures game

In this fantasy tactical miniatures game, four factions currently fight to control the city of Deneb.



The Tower 

An organisation of powerful mages, skilled at teleportation and wielding the arcane power to destroy their foes and secure objectives.

Tower units have above average mobility, good range on their attacks, and very reliable damage dealing capacity, however, they do tend to be a little squishy. Blink Dodge compensates for this a little, but don't over-rely on it or you might find yourself forced away from a key objective.

White Witch from the Coven faction in Deneb the fanasy tactical miniatures game

The Coven

A group of witches who exercise control over life and death, and the fury of nature to control the battlefield.


Tactically Coven units are great at working with cover to their advantage. Many of their abilities do not require line of effect. So they can hide behind cover while attacking without penalty. Most witches can deal hex damage, and the hex augment gem is often a good marketplace buy for them.

Schilten from the Ordo Draco faction in Deneb the fanasy tactical miniatures game

Ordo Draco

An elite military order of knights who ride into battle atop dragons.


Ordo models are excellent at survival. They are a little slow, so positioning on deployment and use of the Blitz Dragon is key to making sure you can always reach an objective in time. When it comes to holding ground though there is no faction more capable. The Ordo Tactics trait can give many models powerful benefits, but you need to plan activation order, tactical commitment choices and positioning carefully to maximise this.

A Carcano from the Shadow faction in Deneb the fanasy tactical miniatures game

The Shadow

Secretive assassins who often remain unseen up until the moment they seize victory.


Shadow units are exceptional at massive burst damage. The stealth rules often mean they have a minimal presence on the battlefield. Carefully managed though, they can eliminate models critical to the opponent achieving victory.

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