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Ordo Draco

An elite military order of knights who ride into battle atop dragons.


Ordo models are excellent at survival. They are a little slow, so positioning on deployment and use of the Blitz Dragon is key to making sure you can always reach an objective in time. When it comes to holding ground though there is no faction more capable. The Ordo Tactics trait can give many models powerful benefits, but you need to plan activation order, tactical commitment choices and positioning carefully to maximise this.

Let's take a look at some core models from the faction...



The first position most Ordo Draco knight serves is the elite armoured infantry of the Schilten, fighting with bastard sword and kite shield. They use both tools for offence and defence.

The Schilten is one of the toughest models in the game. They have a moderate ability to deal damage, force opponents to move and unrivalled armour values when they use their shield in formation with other Knights. They are good value bringing 1 Mark to your unspent mark pool.



These experienced knights lead from the front. Veterans of many sorties against the enemy, their wisdom, guidance and courage significantly improve the effectiveness of the younger Knights around them.

The Komtur is excellent at supporting other models in the strike team, whilst still being able to deal damage if the situation demands it. Armour Expertise can provide a huge benefit allowing allied models to use their armour against any attack, a major strength given how many Knights have high ARM values. At VIG 1 they can be a little vulnerable to crits, so amulet purchase is wise to protect them. Bringing 0 Marks to the unspent mark pool means they are expensive, though more than worth it if used well.




Only the largest and strongest of the Ordo Draco recruits ever master the great two-handed swords and join the most aggressive Ordo Draco infantry; the Zweihanders.

The Zweihander is a damage dealing machine. Able to deal out both area effect damage, and one of the highest damage single target actions in the game. With a cutting augment and proper formation the Zweihander can move and deliver a damage 3 strike that will crit-kill most enemies. Without careful planning they can be slow, they are quite tough though with VIG 2. They are expensive bringing 0 Marks to your starting pool.

Blitz Dragon Knight.jpg

Blitz Dragon Knight

Of the hundred or so Ordo Draco who ride into battle atop a dragon, around half do so on the Blitz dragons. These dragons have the strongest flight muscles, the largest wings, and the greatest aerial skill. Like most dragons they can breathe fire, but not in quantity or temperature sufficient to be useful as a weapon in combat.

The Blitz Dragon Knight is extremely mobile. Able to fly at various speeds and elevations giving maximum aerial flexibility whilst avoiding impassable and difficult terrain on the ground. The benefit of this is maximised through their ability to pick up allies and ferry them around the battlefield. Properly timed this can make the normally slow Knights feel able to get wherever they need to win, and do so in time. Blitz Dragon's also make excellent objective grabbers due to their free flight movement. If they need to they can also pack a punch in combat able to deal damage to multiple enemies at once via Claw & Tail. They are a costly resource to field, but no Ordo Draco strike team is complete without at least one dragon. 

So that’s the basic Ordo Draco Models covered, the core rules also include a couple more advanced options for the Ordo Draco.


Ironshod These rare martial masters of the Ordo Draco endeavour to teach the other Knights that the true Iron is within themselves, not the armour they wear or the weapons they wield. They walk into battle in simple robes and carrying only an iron quarterstaff as a weapon. They can force enemies to chose between losing AP or taking damage, provide some unusual buffs to their allies and are immune to compulsory movement effects.


The Krieg Dragon Knight is an alternative to the Blitz Dragon. As they are both Legendary models you cannot field both. Where the Blitz is swift and graceful, the Krieg is violence and inferno. Devastating flaming breath and brutal melee attacks from both the lance-wielding Knight riding the Krieg, and the dragon themselves.



Full art, rules and unit cards for these models can be found in the free rulebook download in the rules section.

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