The key mechanics are around choice rather than randomness. A game of Deneb has at most, two coin-tosses for random elements, and everything else is down to player choice. 


It’s a skirmish-like game, but it uses a tile grid (with individual tiles able to have built-in rules for elevation and other terrain effects). All movement and measurement is grid based. 

It’s quick to play, with the smallest size games taking 30-60 mins, and the biggest 90-180 mins.

All the core rules are written, plus unit rules for 4 factions (plus an unaligned collection of models), these have been through a chunk of play-testing, and it’s down to number crunching and wording tweaks at this point. The art has been created fully for all of the factions, as well as art to help bring the world of Deneb to life.


Updates in v0.98

- Fairly significant changes to Ironshod and Komtur after latest play testing.

Some updates to the cover rules to allow for more natural play.

- Spia perfect disguise adjusted to prevent unintended action denial.

- Aegis Mage unbreakable shield upgrade improved for balance.

- Some market place item price changes.

- Various minor rule wordings updated from play testing.


Core rules alpha v0.98

Worth noting this is a heavily compressed PDF from the print version, so images lose some sharpness and there are some minor visual artefacts.

Download here


Model Cards & Reference Sheets For Each Faction v0.98

Coven cards and sheet

Tower cards and sheet

Ordo Draco cards and sheet

Shadow cards and sheet

Unaligned cards and sheet


Vassal Module v0.6

For those of you who are used to using Vassal to play tabletop games online, this official module will hopefully make playing Deneb quite a bit easier.

Download here


Quick Start Rules v0.5
Also for convenience of anyone wanting to learn, the quick start guide alpha version.

Download here


Quick Reference v0.3

This is a handy double-sided A4 reference sheet that covers the core things you need to know when playing.
Download here


Scenario Supplement v0.1

For those who want to go beyond the basic game, this supplement includes rules for 3-4 players as well as new scenarios, and guidelines for creating your own scenarios.
Download here


Standee Templates

Here are templates to make standees for all of the units in the core book, so you can play the game without miniatures. Model proxies will work just as well.

Coven Standees

Tower Standees

Ordo Draco Standees

Shadow Standees

Unaligned Standees


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