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Only the largest and strongest of the Ordo Draco recruits ever master the great two-handed swords required to join the most aggressive Ordo Draco infantry; the Zweihanders. With this model we are trying to tell the story of one of these knights leaping through the air about to bring a devastating blow down on their enemy. They are a member of the Ordo Draco faction.


The Zweihander is a damage dealing machine. Able to deal out both area effect damage, and one of the highest damage single target actions in the game. With a cutting augment and proper formation the Zweihander can move and deliver a damage 3 strike that will crit-kill most enemies. Without careful planning they can be slow, so you need to keep that in mind. Fortunately, they are quite tough with VIG 2.

Pictured below is the sculpt along with the character illustration.


His unit card.

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