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Along with the lovely box and Marketplace cards (and counters!), the prototype print also included these nice card tiles that are used to build-up the battlefield that strike teams in Deneb will fight on. Movement and measurement in Deneb are handled with a clear and easy to understand grid system. Special tiles represent all different kinds of battlefield features that allow for cover, combat at different elevations, impassable and difficult terrain and more. In the starter set, not only will you have everything needed to represent the scenarios in the core rules, you also get a nice set of art variations amongst the different kind of tiles so you can have visual as well as mechanical variety in your battlefield each game.

A wide variety of double-sided tiles will be included in the starter set, I particularly like the open door tile art, used in the "Heist" scenario in the core rules.

A full 7x7 layout, a medium sized battlefield most commonly used in the core rules scenarios. Shown here with 4 pieces of special tiles. These include a mixture of multi-elevation, impassable and difficult terrain. 

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