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Along with the lovely box and Marketplace cards, the prototype print also included beautiful card versions of all the different tokens you need to play the game. It was almost a shame to take them out of their pristine wrap and pop them. Though there is something very satisfying about popping out lots of card tokens. Also (as I learned during my visit in 2016) when visiting Spiel in Essen, it's a great way to reduce the weight of your bag full of board games to get it under the flight homes' baggage allowance.

These are the Tower faction specific tokens. Everything you need for your Aegis mage to lay down a barrier, your Gatekeeper to create both gates and traps, and more. Find out more about the Tower faction here.

These are the Coven faction specific tokens. Everything you need to track your Blood Mother's blood, for your White Witch to lay down her aura of tranquillity or protective absorb counters, and more. Find out about the Coven faction here.

These starter-set counters cover objectives for all the core rulebook scenarios as well as general game tracking markers for your victory point count and so on. Find out more about these with the free PDF download of the core rulebook here.

This is basically a standard set of generic strike team counters for a single player. You can see how the core tokens are used on the unit tracker card there, that you have for each model in your strike team. There is also a stack of Mark counters used to keep track of how much money your models have to spend in the Marketplace as well as some handy buff counters to show when models have had their primary combat attributes improved by any means. 

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