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See below for the commanding sculpt of the Komtur miniature! Here we are trying to tell the story of a Komtur standing atop a battlement and directing a Dragon rider on her strike team. One Komtur will be included in the faction set. These experienced knights lead from the front. Veterans of many sorties against the enemy, their wisdom, guidance and courage significantly improve the effectiveness of the younger Knights around them. They are a member of the Ordo Draco faction.


The Komtur is excellent at supporting other models in the strike team, whilst still being able to deal damage if the situation demands it. Armour Expertise can provide a huge benefit allowing allied models to use their armour against any attack, a major strength given how many Knights have high ARM values. At VIG 1 they can be a little vulnerable to crits, so amulet purchase is wise to protect them. Bringing 0 Marks to the unspent mark pool means they are expensive, though more than worth it if used well.

Pictured below is the sculpt along with the character illustration.


Her unit card.

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