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37 of 37!


This last one is the mysterious Nautilus Crystal, from the unaligned faction. A collection of models that can be used by any core faction strike team to supplement their force.


All the crystals are an interesting option for players who want something a little different. They are immobile so choose their initial deployment well. They grant an action to every other member of the strike team and generally have an aura of effect that can grow throughout the game if their charge criteria are fulfilled (in this case killing enemy models with the “Tower” keyword).


Shimmering blue, looming and smelling strongly of the briny sea and salty breeze. An inauspicious offering from the great sleeping one sent forth from the sunken city. Seen by many as exactly what the world needed to keep the magic of the Tower in check, but others have warned all to beware of any gift from the abyssal depths.


The Abyssal Wave action granted by the Nautilus Crystal allows your strike team to crash waves of water into their enemies. Forcing them to either stand fast in the brackish assault and suffer damage or give way to the tide and be forced where you want them.


Please let me know your thoughts on either rules, art or anything else!


The crystals "gifts" are all an interesting way to modify an entire team of units and find interesting synergies with their other actions.

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