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A huge thanks to everyone who came to see us the UK Games Expo this year, it was fantastic fun to meet so many people who love tabletop gaming and were willing to give Deneb a go.

We are especially grateful for all the insightful feedback. I hope it will come through in the news updates we post here and elsewhere that we listen and act on the comments we receive.


It was a great show, even if we were pretty knackered by the end of it!


We were also lucky enough to be on the Livestream during the show, giving us a chance to talk a little bit about the game's lore, and how it came about, check out the video here.


Lastly, for those of you who find these news posts helpful in keeping up to date with Deneb, we are now releasing the key bits of information once or twice a month via our Newsletter which you can subscribe to here.

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