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It is said that when the first dragons warred during the ancient times it was due to a curse put upon them by the first witch. Some refused to partake in their noble races self-destructive rampage. The unilateral slaughter of kin disgusted them. Enraged by their perceived cowardice, many of their own brethren sought and slaughtered these pacifists. This act of fratricide was thought to have driven these mighty dragons mad with rage. They abandoned all reason and lost themselves in an endless blood lust. When they finally died in battle, their bodies wasted away. Where there should have been the rotting flesh of a once great heart, instead stood a pulsating red crystal, emanating unbridled fury.


The Wyrm Fury Crystal is a member of the unaligned faction. The unaligned are a catch-all faction. For those assets which either due to being mindless constructs, or because there loyalty is easily bought, or otherwise fickle, might fight for just about any organisation at any-time.

The crystals are an unusual group of objects found amongst the unaligned with unique properties. They grant an action to all the other models in your strike team in the form of their gift. In this case Beserkers Fury allows your characters to make a powerful, if risky melee attack. Crystals also have an aura and attributes that grow in power as the crystal charges. In this case the crystal gains power whenever models with the “Coven” keyword are destroyed. Making this the perfect anti-witch model.  The aura can also allow allies to take actions with the Aggression requirement, without actually being in the Aggression tactical commitment.

Pictured below is the sculpt along with its illustration.


Unit card.

Wyrm Fury Crystal.jpg
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