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With Sul gone, and the city in the grip of forces the Militia have failed to control, many have given up. Some however still strive to protect the values of the city they call home. In doing so, they must be willing to forge alliances with whomever they think might further their cause.

The Deneb Militiaman is a member of the unaligned faction. The unaligned are a catch-all faction. For those assets which either due to being mindless constructs, or because their loyalty is easily bought, or otherwise fickle, might fight for just about any organisation at any-time.

In his design we’ve tried to show his solemn demeanour. Mourning the loss of his city as he knows it, but his quiet determination to try and restore as much as he can of what has been lost.

The Militiaman is a strong alternative to a factions standard AP 2 objective capturing unit. The Militiaman’s Obsidian staff can also really hamper an enemies ability to capture an objective by teleporting those it touches off the battlefield.

Pictured below is the sculpt along with its illustration.


Unit card.

Deneb Militiaman.jpg
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