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Well, it has been a while! Been busy getting ready for another year of Deneb in 2020. We have a lot of stuff planned but had to slow down a touch at the end of last year due to other commitments. The first big event of the year is here, and it is the first time we will be going, so very excited!

We will be at "Gotham to Samaria: First Skirmish 2020". Gotham to Samaria is a wonderful friendly social group for wargamers and well worth checking out.

The event is February 21st to February 23rd at Element Games Northwest Gaming Centre in Stockport. There are a going to be a ton of cool games to play, and a bunch of cool people to play them with. You can find out more about the event and tickets here.

We hope very much to see you there, if you haven't tried Deneb before I hope you'll give it a go, in between playing all the other fb games that are going to be there.

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