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Deneb has been in playtesting for several months now. Initially with standees and hand-made components. You can find the standees for download in the rules section if you want to have a go at playtesting yourself. We have since upgraded to the shiny new prototype printed version for playtests.

A very neatly laid out set of early Marketplace cards! If you want to check-out how the proper cards turned out in the printed prototype, check them out here.

The early tiles were glued onto foam for this test, they distorted quite a bit over time! Fortunately, the printed prototype versions have turned out great, will be posting more about them soon, same for the counters and unit cards that are seen here.

From the last play-test we ran before getting the prototype printed version. Much as we love the shiny new prototype, these handmade pieces have served us well, and will always have a place in our hearts! 

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