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See below for the stylish sculpt of the Carcano miniature! Here we are trying to tell the story of a  Carcano who has just loosed an arrow and is reaching back for another. One Carcano will be included in the faction set. Carcano’s specialise in dispensing death from afar. They are extremely patient, often lying hidden, waiting for  days for a target to cross their sight lines. Climbing any high structures, natural or otherwise to find the perfect vantage point. They are a member of the Shadow faction.


As a sniper, a Carcano is the longest ranged model in the game. She is capable of launching a flurry of arrows to wipe out closely packed targets, and single perfectly aimed arrows to kill at incredible distances. She is very unusual in having 2AP, and being able to directly deal damage. 

Pictured below is the sculpt along with the character illustration


Her unit card.

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