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See below for the amazing sculpt of the Cinqeudea miniature! Here we are trying to tell the story of a  Cinquedea leaping from rooftop to rooftop, before descending on unaware enemies for a sneak attack. One Cinquedea will be included in the faction set. Masters of infiltration, often strike before an opponent knows they are under attack. Even those who do manage to rally a defence will have to cope with the dizzying assault of parry, cut and thrust from these dangerous melee maestros. They are a member of the Shadow faction.


Appearing seemingly from nowhere, wielding their dual long knives to sudden and deadly effect. Vanishing a moment later, leaving behind nothing but blood and misery. These are the Cinquedea, when people say they have crossed paths with an agent of the Shadow, if it truly was the Shadow, it was probably a Cinquedea they witnessed.

Pictured below is the sculpt along with the character illustration and a depiction of Ostia, the city from where the Shadow are supposedly based.


His unit card.

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