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Well after getting back from UKGE I've been working away on all the great requests we got from the wonderful people we met at the event.

To address a chunk of the game-play suggestions we’ve created this scenario supplement. This is the first version of it, and no doubt it will get refined through play-testing and more excellent community feedback.


So what is the purpose of this supplement?

  • Introduces rules for 3 and 4 player games of Deneb.

  • 5 scenarios from the core-book re-written to work for 3-4 players.

  • A new scenario uniquely for 3-players.

  • A new scenario uniquely for 4-players.

  • Extensive guidelines for creating your own scenarios.


Hopefully, this will address some of the feedback we got about Deneb at UKGE from the various kind people who came to give the game a go.

Download the supplement here

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