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Check out the super cool sculpt for the Balestrieri miniature! We really wanted to capture the feel of her leaping back just an instant after she has loosed bolts from both of her weapons. Two Balestrieri will be included in the faction set. Short range experts, the Balestrieri use a pair of pistol crossbows. Able to deliver accurate and deadly bolts into their targets weak spots, they are dangerous foes. They are a member of the Shadow faction.


The Shadow prefers to employ them against targets known to be quite lethal in melee themselves, and who know how to use cover to avoid a sniper. The Balestrieri will sneak in past any cover, but stay just out of the reach of a sword. Then when their target least expects it, she will deliver crossbow bolts to the head & heart!

Pictured below is the sculpt and her card art.


Her unit card.

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