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College Armand was the first of its kind built by the Tower. In fact, it was this building that earned the splinter group from the Salbei Sages their name.


Armand was a Salbei Sage and court mage to King Hugo of La’Certa over 1,300 years ago. Armand wanted a tract of sovereign land, and resources to build the college. King Hugo agreed in exchange for the slaughter of the Pegasus Nakbeast tribe, who had recently inflicted a stinging defeat against Hugo’s armies.


Armand and some like-minded Salbei Sages agreed to the terms and used their mastery of magic to commit an act of violence that the modern day Tower would perhaps prefer was forgotten.

Based in the pleasant climate of Southern La’Certa, halfway between the Capital and the city of Bourbon. The open plains and farming country of La’Cera stretch far out to the east. To the west, and much closer, are the foothills of the Typhon mountains.

The College Armand is now the most prestigious place in the world for students to study the art of Aethermancy and be inducted into the ranks of the Tower.

Key dates in the history of The Tower College Armand


63 P.D. – King Louis Laurent of La’Certa permanently retains a court mage provided by the Society of Salbei. They agree to a never-ending contract, as they have been much reduced in recent years after splitting into three sub-factions, one of which left the society entirely in 49 P.D. The yearly funding provided in exchange was dearly needed.


150 P.D. – King Hugo (grandson of Louis) orders the conquering of the Nakbeast tribes. The first assault ended in a massacre of Nakbeast tribes-folk in the city of Nyadalgaakhot. Hulagu of the Pegasus tribe leads 10,000 mounted warriors in a retaliatory strike against southeastern La’Certa. Causing devastation an order of magnitude higher than that visited on the tribes-folk.


152 P.D. – King Hugo wishes vengeance on the Hulagu’s Nakbeast tribe. The current court mage, Armand, promised to deliver justice in exchange for a major boon for the Salbei Sages. He asked Hugo to grant the Salbei’s a tract of land that would be under the protection of La’Certa but legally independent. Armand convinces several other members of the Salbei to assist him. They portal into a Pegasus camp and rain down fire, lightning and acid on the unsuspecting elderly, children and other non-fighters. Many of the Salbei were appalled by the actions of Armand and his comrades, however, they leave before they can be expelled. Armand and his fellows began building the Tower on the tract of land Hugo granted to Armand. Nakbeast tribes came to the Salbei Sages looking for answers for the atrocity committed in the Pegasus camp. The Salbei do not get a chance to explain they had not approved of the attack. They were cut-down and those taken alive left on stakes as a reminder to the La’Certa border towns what would happen if they struck at the tribes folk again.


153 P.D. - Hulagu Pegasus was not satisfied with this, his own children died slowly and painfully from acid burns over several days after the initial attack. He was determined to destroy Armand and his Tower. He began a great and long personal crusade of uniting the tribes-folk under one banner, that of the Pegasus.


175 P.D. - The Pegasus charge against the La’Certa border town of Amaya marks the official beginning of the so-called “century of war”. Amaya is destroyed, King Hugo ordered a border fort to be built in its place.


275 P.D. - Ogedei Pegasus signs historic peace treaty with King Francis of La’Certa finally marks the end of the “century of war” between the two nations.


300 P.D. - The Tower opens up colleges close to Harridan and Berlingozzo greatly increasing both their recruitment and political reach. However, despite the peace between Pegasus and La’Certa, Pegasus will not allow the Tower to build a college on their land.


302 P.D. - Abuse of magic by teenagers in Damasia, a city in the Draco Republic leads to the death of several other teenagers. Senators call for an all-out ban on magic, the Tower strongly condemns the move, suggesting that better education and knowledge of magic is what will prevent such tragedies in the future. A compromise is finally reached, use of magic requires a licence, and the military bans all use of magic throughout their regular forces.


1433 P.D. - 13-year-old Crown Prince Louis Laurent of La’Certa enrols as a student in the Tower College Armand.

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