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Dave Hawes

The Horror Faction

The Horror
An alien, eldritch race from the depths of space. Capable of terrifying violence and inducing both madness and disturbing mutations in other species. With sufficient exposure, they can alter entire ecosystems.
It would be wrong to say they hate humans more. They see them as a source of raw materials to fuel their pursuits. Obsessed with an incomprehensible need for some unknowable forbidden truth.
Some evidence suggests they are a sentient virus from another dimension or multiple sentient viruses engaged in some cosmic war beyond human understanding.

They can infect victims telepathically over great distances. This leads to a long, slow descent into madness that can be hard to link to the Horror. Eventually, they induce the brain to manufacture the virus that manifests physical changes.

Physical contact with individuals in advanced stages of the virus can cause much more rapid transformations.

Their thoughts on other factions…

The Colonies: ??? 
AlignCorp: ??? 
Drasil: ???

Several units are available for the Horror; let's look at the Skitter. These fast-moving, multi-limbed monsters can climb just about anything, rapidly closing the distance to their prey before tearing them to pieces with their bone scythes! Their unique trigger, Parry, means they can pose a severe threat to enemies who try and fight them in Melee, eliminating enemy hits and instead landing their own.

With 7" of movement, they were already fast, but combine that with their Rush order card, and they can cover 14" in a single move.

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