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Dave Hawes

The Drasil Faction

The Drasil
A species of intelligent tree-like aliens who explore the galaxy thanks to their advanced technology, primarily carrying out any "fast" from their perspective (i.e. faster than a year) physical action via their mech suits, drones and ships. 

Drasil think in terms of centuries, where humans might think in days when planning. 

Masters of chemical science and a home world that is essentially a giant tree colony cyborg where they use AI and tech along with their natural root communication network to run their civilisation. 

Leaving the network of their home grove is a significant sacrifice, and not all Drasil retain the same worldview once they travel the galaxy for long enough. 

Their thoughts on other factions…

The Horror: Dangerous, corrupt, disordered. A threat to the Grove Network, to be destroyed without prejudice. 

The Colonies/AlignCorp: Moderately dangerous short life-cycle fleshy growths. The main threat is fuel for The Horror. It might be wise to exterminate pre-emptively to weaken The Horror's biomass supply. 

Several units are available for the Drasil; let's look at the Drasil Warrior. Whilst many Drasil units are automated Drones, the Warrior is an actual Drasil in one of their mech battlesuits! Their standing order reaction means this durable unit with 22 endurance can mitigate incoming damage by taking winded cards instead. For some factions, this might bog you down or limit your tactical options, but with Networked Nodes as their War Trigger, they can shunt those winded cards to an out-of-position Drone or something similar and just keep on going. 

In addition, with this order card, they can react in Melee. Potentially damaging and forcing an attacker back, ideally off of a critical objective.

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