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Dave Hawes

The Colonies Faction

The Colonies
Humans who live in independent mining and farming colonies spread across known space. 
They are mostly just trying to survive, just beyond the grasp of the corporations controlling most of humanity. 
Their independence comes at a high price. Without corporate protection, they must fight off other less-well-intentioned colonists, the few corporations operating out on the frontier, and other more terrifying things. 

Their thoughts on other factions…

The Horror: Nasty, awful things. Tragedy and suffering come in their wake. Proof the devil walks even this distant soil.

AlignCorp: Untrustworthy, violent fascists. They are not as bright as they think and should not be relied upon in a crisis, especially on the frontier. But it's still better than a visit from the Horror or Drasil.

Drasil: Cyborg Trees eh? Never a dull day on the frontier. Avoid them where you can, but if they harass a colony, you'd best be ready to get some Lumberjacks out there. 

Several units are available for the Colonies; let's look at the I.E.V. These heavy industrial exoskeletons are great for mining on the galactic frontier and crushing enemy skulls! Their standing order, "Heavy Lifter", allows them to reposition objectives on the battlefield, which can be a significant tactical advantage.

Plus they have an order card that allows them to upgrade their allies weapons!

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