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Dave Hawes

The AlignCorp Faction

The private military force has the contract for protecting the earth and its corporate interests for the next 50 years.
The grunts may have little choice or understanding of their missions, but the office room executives who decide their orders do.
They usually work in the interest of the survival of humanity, but profit is the corporation's primary motivation. This can mean board-room politics lead to blood being spilt between different AlignCorp divisions. 

Their thoughts on other factions…

The Horror: Dangerous but possesses unusual abilities that could be profitable. If only a sample specimen could be successfully contained.
The ColoniesBackwards bumpkins who know nothing about real professional warfare. Still, I would rather have them on your side in a tight spot faced with Drasil or Horror forces. 

Drasil: Potentially exciting tech based on a scientific direction far beyond human understanding. Keep them out of our borders, and for now, we'll leave them fighting against the Horror for us.

Several units are available for the AlignCorp; let's look at The Marines. These soldiers are the backbone of many an AlignCorp strike team. Their standing order, "Advance & Fire", combined with their Battle Rifles, gives them one of the most easily accessible furthest threat ranges in the game.

Not to mention one of their most popular order cards let's them bring an Autoturret into the battle!

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