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Dave Hawes

New Website, New Game!

Significant changes are happening here! We love Deneb as a Fantasy Miniatures game all about tactical choices. It's been a labour of love for several years. However, it has also become apparent that for our small team, creating sculpts and producing miniatures is challenging in terms of expense and time. It has prevented us from getting Deneb out to everyone interested and thus limited the game's growth.

We've also gotten fantastic feedback from shows, clubs and those people who were able to purchase the 3D print run versions of the game we produced. For all that feedback, we are hugely grateful. Looking back now, if I were creating Deneb again from scratch, I'd do quite a few things differently. 

To that end, I am excited to announce our new game,

War Trigger - The Third Law

You'll see the site entirely revamped to let you learn about this Sci-Fi miniatures game.

Deneb will not continue as initially envisioned, but it will live on. The original site content is still accessible, including PDF downloads of the rules and other digital resources. We are looking for a way to provide the STLs of the digital sculpts for all the models we created, including those that did not make it to the limited 3D print run release. We wish to make Deneb as it was an entirely free print-and-play game. 

War Trigger is a spiritual successor to Deneb. It retains the core ideas of minimising random elements and focusing instead on player decisions. It also keeps to a small model count and skirmish-style gameplay.

However, it also makes some significant changes based on feedback from Deneb. To list a few major ones

It's model agnostic - use whatever miniature range, 3D print or Kitbash you want. Just match the base size and approximate model height, and you can play!

No grid! It's a full skirmish warfare game so that you can use your existing tabletop gaming scenery.

The three-act scenario system means hundreds of different scenario combinations with the core Deck, even more considering the weather conditions you might encounter.

And much more besides!

One other thing we wanted to do differently was launch the website at the same time so people could purchase and start playing the game right away. You can buy the game via DriveThruRPG as digital PDFs or via their print-on-demand service.

To play the game, you need, at minimum, the core deck, the core rules, and a faction deck for each player. 

Core Deck can be found here
Core rules can be found here

Faction Decks can be found on the following links. 


Credit for icons from
• Delapouite
• Thomas "Lorc" Tamblyn Sbed
• Skoll
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