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Dave Hawes

An introduction to the world of War Trigger

Below is a brief narrative introduction to the world of War Trigger.

Earth still is, in some ways, a paradise. At least if you have managed to climb the ranks of one of the mega-corporations that now control most of the planet. Even living on Earth is a luxury now. For decades, more humans have been born off Earth than on most populous planets nearer Earth, where humanity made its first forays into living on other worlds. But millions of people still call the frontier systems of the colonies home.

An incident on one such frontier world, the Deneb colony in the Cygnus system, shifted the balance of power on Earth. It was humanity’s first encounter with what would be known simply as “The Horror”. A sentient alien virus that warped human flesh for violent endeavours towards an unknowable cosmic plan.

At first, reports from the colony were too awful to believe, but eventually, the growing threat of The Horror could not be denied.The mega-corporations and what was left of earth governments agreed to fund a unified military force. Privately contracted, of course. A newly formed conglomerate of private military companies known as AlignCorp won the long-term contract to protect human civilisation from threats beyond the stars.

AlignCorp has made significant progress in recent years at slowing or halting the onslaught of Horror forces along the borders of human-controlled space. But The Horror is insidious and even now has agents both aware and unaware within human society.

12 months ago, AlignCorp made contact with another advanced alien species. The Drasil, an alien life-form which evolved from something akin to a Tree. Physically slow-moving, they execute their will via a vast army of advanced drones. A few even join battles in massive mech assault platforms capable of translating their thought patterns directly into action. So far, they’ve treated humanity with hostility, and AlignCorp has responded in kind.

Then there are the frontier colonists who value freedom and independence from the corporations above all else. They are willing to kill for that freedom.

On planets across the galaxy, there is war; some look for profit, some for freedom, some for agendas no human mind could comprehend. 

This is the world of War Trigger - The Third Law. You will build a strike team from one of the factions of this world and send them into battle against your opponents in close-fought skirmishes. To try and win victory not by luck on the roll of a die but by tactical decisions. Spending your resources wisely, securing objectives, destroying the enemy and remembering that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
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