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College Armand was the first of its kind built by the Tower. In fact, it was this building that earned the splinter group from the Salbei Sages their name. Armand was a Salbei Sage and court mage to King Hugo of La’Certa over 1,300 years ago. Armand wanted a tract of sovereign land, and resources to build the college. King Hugo agreed in exchange for the slaughter of the Pegasus Nakbeast tribe, who had recently inflicted a stinging defeat against Hugo’s armies. Armand and some like-minded Salbei Sages agreed to the terms and used their mastery of magic to commit an act of violence that the modern day Tower would perhaps prefer was forgotten.


Based in the pleasant climate of Southern La’Certa, halfway between the Capital and the city of Bourbon. The open plains and farming country of La’Cera stretch far out to the east. To the west, and much closer, are the foothills of the Typhon mountains.


The College Armand is now the most prestigious place in the world for students to study the art of Aethermancy and be inducted into the ranks of the Tower.


The Tower are one of the playable factions in Deneb and will be one of the factions included in the starter set.


This is one of the many specially created pieces of artwork for Deneb. This is part of a small selection of pieces aimed at revealing a little bit more about the world itself and some of the key locations.

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