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Here is the fourth of the unit cards from the unaligned faction. A collection of models that can be used by any core faction strike team to supplement their force.


Once held in the vaults of the La’Certa Royalty, a gift to the founders of the line in aeons past. This bright yellow crystalline structure, all spikes and shards like an organic growth. Large enough to be used as a throne at one point. The sparks of energy that leap from its surface, arcing towards any significant chunk of metal are one of the reasons why it was relegated to the vaults. Apparently, an entire retinue of Knights guarding the King were left little more than smoking charred skeletons in their armour.


All the crystals are an interesting option for players who want something a little different. They are immobile so choose their initial deployment well. They grant an action to every other member of the strike team and generally have an aura of effect that can grow throughout the game if their charge criteria are fulfilled (in this case killing enemy models with the “Draco” keyword).


The action the Tempest Crystal grants allows any allied models create temporary cover anywhere on the battlefield. With an upgrade that cover can deal damage as well!


The crystals “gifts” are all an interesting way to modify an entire team of units and find interesting synergies with their other actions.

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